About The SOFA Project

Named from the acronym to Shift Old Furniture Around, ‘SOFA’ (as the charity is more usually known) collects good quality furniture and appliances from local households and businesses. The SOFA Project operates in the area formerly known as Avon, with headquarters in West St, Old Market, with an additional retail store on the well know independent retail area of Gloucester Road. We collect household furniture and appliances from households on a daily basis. The items are brought back to our premises, and in the case of electrical appliances fully refurbished, before being made available at a low a price as possible in our retail outlets. These can then be delivered to the new owners.

​Working alongside this we have other activities including an electrical workshop and a flatpack workshop.

​The electrical workshop has the potential to repair and refurbish up to 100 major appliances a week. This will be a mixture of items collected from households, items that are bought in from retail operations (the ones that are taken away when a new machine is purchased) and those that are purchased from manufacturers (graded) having been returned as a result of damage or failure under warranty.

​We can also take on household clearances using our own staff and vehicles. We also operate a hire facility, which is used on a regular basis by TV and film companies for set design.

​Online sales can be made using our eBay shop. For customers who prefer to shop in person our sales outlets are at our West Street and Gloucester Road premises.

​By providing all these activities, we are able to provided support by working with other local organisations including the local open prison HMP Leyhill in providing work placements and work experience to those, who, for a number of reasons are currently excluded from the job market.

(SOFA Project is a registered charity no.287088)

Divert items from landfill

We divert items from landfill and unnecessary recycling by collecting unwanted furniture and electrical appliances from households and businesses and then extend their life through re-use.

Work Placements

We offer work placements and volunteering opportunities to those currently excluded from employment. Working to refurbish the items that we collect provides good training and work experience opportunities.

Help those in need

We help those in need by supplying low cost household items through our retail activities. In partnership with other charities, we supply items free to those most in need.

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