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The SOFA Project is part of a nationwide paint reuse network, Community RePaint, that aims to collect the huge amount of leftover paint and redistribute it to benefit individuals, families, communities and charities in need at an affordable cost. The scheme, which was founded in 1993 as a small pilot project in Leeds, is now solely sponsored by Dulux and supported by over 65 schemes: in 2018 over 317,600 litres of paint were redistributed.

An estimated 50 million litres of the 320 million litres of paint sold in the UK each year is wasted or unused. This paint is either thrown away or stored in homes despite a large percentage of it still being usable. As a Charity focused on reducing the demand for finite natural resources and the associated environmental impacts, we believe The Community Reuse Scheme is a excellent way to minimise the greenhouse gas emissions accompanying waste products, its collection, transportation and treatment.

Both of our shops are stocked with brilliant reuse paint. Why not visit us to choose from a wide range of colours including interior and exterior paints. If you wish to donate paint to the SOFA Project, you can do so at our West Street shop, remembering the paint must be a minimum of half full and in usable condition.


Unfortunately we are unable to accept any paint with hazardous labels. For more information, read about  the 'SOFA Project reuse revolution'.

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