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Goodbye Jon

Can you tell us something about your background? Are you originally from Bristol? Where did you go to school?

Yes I am local, from Fishponds. I went to Whitfield School, which has since changed its name to Bristol Metropolitan Academy. I then went to Ashley Down College to study electrics. I was 20 when I took my driving test.

Do you have any particular hobbies?

I like cycling, football and regularly go to the gym. I am a massive fan of music too.

What is your main drive? What inspires you?

I have to say that my main drive always has been education and learning new things.

How long have you been working for The SOFA Project?

I started in 2010 so it has been four and a half years now.

What was your experience like when you joined?

I was taken under the wing by Phil who has worked at SOFA for a long time. I have learned a lot from him.

What kind of work were you involved with?

The first thing I learned was PAT testing; I then started repairing washing machines mainly, but learned a bit of everything. I have also even starred in a video made by FRN (Furniture Reuse Network), explaining the difficulties of repairing white goods. (See video HERE )

What was your favourite product to work with?

It is definitely gas cookers. I also qualified on gas safety in January 2014. I financed the studies myself but SOFA helped me a lot by providing practice that otherwise would have been difficult to get.

What are the main benefits of working with SOFA Project apart from the professional ones?

I think there are a lot of social benefits. You always meet new people and sometimes very interesting characters. It really helped to build my confidence and improve my social skills.

SOFA Project provides work experience to serving prisoners and also employs them upon release.

Do you think this is a good thing?

Yes definitely. It helps them re-integrate into society, they feel that they are an important part of SOFA and they have a goal in life. It helps them to stay away from trouble. It was also good experience for me to meet them here as you learn that there is always a background story that you have to know to understand the big picture.

In what areas do you think The SOFA Project could improve for its employees?

There could be more training, especially general training, like developing IT skills or communication skills for example.

Can you tell us about your new adventure and what has motivated you to move on?

Yes. I am going to work for Glen Dimplex which is a manufacturer of electric heating & domestic appliances. I am leaving SOFA on very good terms but I feel that the time is right for me to move on to take my skills acquired at SOFA to the next level. It’s a good opportunity for further professional development and also the money is nice of course!

We all wish you good luck in the future!

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