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ADVERT: Chair of Trustees

The SOFA Project (SOFA) is a charity and social enterprise which collects & supplies furniture and white goods for reuse in Bristol and the surrounding area. In parallel with this, we challenge social exclusion by providing rehabilitation, employment and volunteering opportunities in our workshops and retail outlets. Our work helps to preserve the environment by reusing and recycling manufactured goods.

SOFA is seeking to appoint a new Chair of Trustees to work in partnership with the CEO, with a particular interest in environmental initiatives and supporting those in need.

The Trustees of SOFA have a broad range of skills including law, accountancy, fundraising, HR, social enterprise consultancy and senior management expertise. Six Trustee meetings are held each year and in order to contribute to the decision making process Trustees are expected to visit the workshops, retail premises and to join sub-committees as required in order to better understand the business.

The Chair of Trustees will be responsible for the following:

  • Providing leadership to the Trustee board ensuring that all Trustees fulfil their duties and responsibilities for the proper governance of the SOFA Project

  • Supporting the Chief Executive in meeting strategic goals

We are looking for someone with a broad range of skills and experience including:

  • Leadership

  • Sound business acumen & management

  • Board participation in the corporate or not-for-profit sector

We are particularly interested, but not exclusively, in attracting candidates who live in Bristol and who understand the communities we serve.

If you would like to know more about what is involved in this role, please contact our current Chair of Trustees Colin Evans

For a detailed job description and details on how to apply please email Nicci Peck, Chief Executive

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