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Bespoke Upcycling @ SOFA Project

At SOFA Project we pride ourselves on reusing previously loved items, whether that be furniture, paint or clothes. We aim to avoid items being sent to landfill & reduce the load being sent into recycling network.

''Landfill is the second most used waste treatment in the UK, with 24.4% (52.3 million tonnes) of waste disposed of at landfill in 2016.

Source - Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Working closely with our partners Bristol City Council, Bristol Waste & major retail companies, we aim to reuse as many materials as possible. Items are brought back to our workshop, and in the case treated and fully refurbished, before being made available at a low a price as possible in our retail outlets.

Our latest project is our bespoke upcycling furniture range, made from 100% reused materials, currently underway at the workshop. We are in the process of designing and producing bespoke furniture to accompany our household donations.

Today we have delivered the newest item to our Gloucester Road store. This amazing bespoke upcycled chaise longue was design and produced from reused materials at our workshop. We are aiming to roll this project out over the summer, with the long-term goal to produce new furniture from our own bespoke furniture range each week.

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